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Expanding Our Support

Brighton Marin's Vision 2030 initiative was announced at the 2024 National Veterans Homeless Conference in Washington D.C. by Board Chair and CEO, Rosye Cloud. The goal is to expand Brighton Marine's portfolio of services and geographic reach into Washington D.C. Our current footprint primarily covers greater Boston and New England.

Vision 2030 will build on Brighton Marine’s 40-plus years of supporting tens of thousands of veterans, service members and their families through innovative initiatives in housing, healthcare and other support services. To achieve this, we’re looking for the best, brightest and most passionate people to help lead this mission through our Future Committee, as well as unique funding opportunities that will bring our vision to life.

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Nominations for the Future Committee and Vision 2030 funding requests can both be made below through July 4, 2024. Selected members of the Future Committee will be announced no later than August 30, 2024.

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