Board of Directors

Rosye Blancas Cloud

Chair of the Board of Directors

Rosye Blancas Cloud is a social impact entrepreneur who leads STRATA9, a management consulting practice specializing in transformative solutions for not-for-profit and mission-driven organizations. She is a first-generation Hispanic American and former military spouse spending decades supporting military well-being by managing critical social services on military installations and oversight of national programs. Her work to reduce Veteran suicide, eliminate homelessness, increase employment, and ease the strain of transitions led to multiple informed executive orders and wide-reaching, impactful government policy.

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Keisha Stephenson Taylor, Ed.D

Governance Chair

Keisha Stephenson Taylor, Ed.D., has a proven track record of success leading training and professional development initiatives while overseeing staff and administering budgets. She currently serves as senior director, alumni and postsecondary engagement for the National Academy Foundation (NAF). In this role she developed and implemented a cohesive five-year post-secondary strategy; strengthens connections between NAF programs and postsecondary partners; and supports the coordination and logistics of the national convening and events.

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Robert “Bob” C. Ballard


Robert “Bob” C. Ballard is serving as the Chair of the Finance Committee and Treasurer. He recently retired as the president and CEO of Scholarship America. He previously served as senior vice president, philanthropy, at USA Funds (now Strada Education Network) where he directed all philanthropic programs and grant-making activities.

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Dennis N. Magnasco, Jr.


Dennis served as a Staff Sergeant in the U.S. Army from 2008 to 2015 and deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. He was the senior combat medic for an infantry company and conducted counter-insurgency operations in and around Ghazni, Afghanistan. Dennis currently is a member of the Real Estate and Branding Subcommittee.

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Lindsey Davis Stover


Lindsey Davis Stover is a partner with Edwards, Davis Stover & Associates, LLC, a strategic consulting firm. She previously served as senior advisor to U.S. Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric K. Shinseki for strategic communications, where she led coordination for all internal and external communications efforts. She worked closely with VA leadership to develop overall communication and engagement strategies to include strategic messaging and stakeholder participation.

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George Cole


George has over 35 years of experience in planning, developing, constructing and managing a wide variety of large-scale private sector, institutional and real estate development projects. As a Senior Vice President at Leggat McCall Properties, he works closely with communities, planning consultants, financing institutions and individual investors, by being successful at conceptualizing, permitting and realizing development projects that maximize its owner’s objectives while complementing the host community.

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Jackie Garrick


Ms. Garrick founded Whistleblowers of America as a nonprofit in 2017, which provides voluntary peer support to those suffering the impacts of Workplace Traumatic Stress. She developed the Whistleblower Retaliation Checklist© to identify negative psychosocial impacts on victimized employees and provide forensic testimony. She is on the Advisory Boards for ConsenSys Health and Parrhesia, a British charity devoted to whistleblower research and on the Board of Directors for Brighton Marine, a homeless program in Boston.

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Susan Norwood


Susan Norwood is a career public servant with more than 30 years of service in the federal government, where she has led efforts in a broad portfolio of national security and energy programs. During her many years of service to the nation, she has developed a reputation for delivering results at the most senior levels in government and in some of the most challenging environments. She has served in senior positions with the National Nuclear Security Administration in Washington, D.C., the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) international staff in Brussels, Belgium, the Coalition Provisional Authority in Baghdad, Iraq during post-war reconstruction, and the Office of the Secretary of Defense.

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Derrick Hassell

Operations Mechanic Supervisor

Ryan Campbell

Security Manager

Daniel Cuddy

Director of Community Relations

Elimercy Martinez

SVP Administration and Finance

Justin O’Mahony

Director of Programs & Services

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