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Employee Spotlight: Jim Baer

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Jim Baer, Case Manager at Soldier On

At Brighton Marine, we have so many amazing people that work hard every day behind the scenes to improve the lives of veterans in the Greater Boston area and make our organization run smoothly. To showcase our talented team, we launched this Employee Spotlight Series as a recurring series to feature these accomplished people.

James “Jim” Baer, Case Manager at Soldier On, has been with Soldier On since 2010 as a case manager in the Per Diem program, and also as the Building Resident Liaison in Soldier On’s permanent housing facility in Chicopee. Through his partnership and in collaboration with the Boston Housing Authority, we are able to provide 25 eligible veterans housing and supportive services under the HUD-VASH program.

Watch this video to learn more about Jim Baer’s work and partnership with Brighton Marine:

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