Brighton Marine sponsored the 4th Annual Heroes vs Hacks game on April 18, 2019, featuring the local Massachusetts State Representatives and the Skate for the 22 veteran hockey players. The action took place at the Warrior Ice Arena in Boston, MA, right where the Bruins practice. Both teams played a fantastic game!

Each day over 20 U.S. Military Veterans take their own lives. The Skate for the 22 Foundation was formed to reduce the tragically high number. They provide hockey, learn to skate and skills development sessions, at no cost to players, to get veterans back into a supportive team environment. The Foundation increases public awareness of the statistically significant rate of suicides among military veterans, provides financial assistance and other support to families of veteran suicide victims and conducts suicide prevention seminars for players and their families. Brighton Marine is honored to support this mission-focused organization and accept them as a partner in the Greater Boston Coordinated veterans Services network.

If you are an organization that would like to partner with Brighton Marine to serve the veteran community, please contact Dan Cuddy, Director of Community and Government Relations at Brighton Marine: