It has been quite an exciting time for the Brighton Marine community. On Friday June 11th, Brighton Marine was thrilled to welcome Ayanna Pressley, U.S. Representative for Massachusetts’s 7th Congressional District, on campus. The afternoon was spent  discussing the Brighton Marine mission and services offered to their Veteran community. As conversations were flowing, Pressley recognized Brighton Marine’s dedication to providing all necessary services to Veterans. Pressley acts as an advocate, policymaker, and activist, especially in the Veteran space. She showed strong support and acknowledgement to Brighton Marine’s commitment to serving the Veteran Community.

“It was truly an honor to get the opportunity to have Ayanna Pressley on campus,” says Daniel Cuddy, Director of Community and Government Relations.

Pressley’s service to Massachusetts includes the three northern quarters of Boston and other towns such as Chelsea, the majority of Cambridge, Milton, Everett, Randolph, and Somerville. Pressley expressed gratitude towards Brighton Marine’s efforts to provide many accessible resources for their residents and Veterans in the Brighton community. 

Brighton Marine and the neighboring community was very grateful for Congresswoman Pressley’s visit to campus and to the neighboring community. The conversations were valuable, insightful, and overall held a ‘home-feel.”