Non-Profit Proceeds with Final Approvals for 25 Units of Housing for Veterans on Campus

BRIGHTON, MA (November 9, 2018) — Brighton Marine, a veteran network community, announced today that its efforts to bring residential housing for veterans to campus is moving forward. Building on the momentum of the residential project currently under construction, which will provide 101 units of housing with various ranges of affordability with a preference for veterans, Brighton Marine is now in the process of seeking approval for 25 units of housing specifically designed for veterans on campus.

“The vision to bring housing to campus for veterans has been in the works for quite some time now and it’s exciting to know that the vision is becoming reality,” said Michael Dwyer, former President of Brighton Marine. “We could not have done this without our strategic partners, the support of the community and many, many others who share in our vision of providing a safe home for our servicemen and women.”

In partnership with Soldier On and Boston Housing Authority, Brighton Marine will provide housing and supportive services to 25 Veterans under the HUD VASH program. Currently, the project is in the early stages of securing project approvals at the state and city level, but recently Brighton Marine presented the project on several occasions to members of the Allston Brighton community, which has been very supportive.

“It is our hope to be able to further the goal of providing housing options for veterans who have served the country so ably in this new endeavor,” said Dwyer. “It’s been a long process, but it was critical to have Soldier On, Boston Housing Authority and the community involved to ensure that this project is done right.”

“Soldier On is honored to be included with Brighton Marine along with the Boston Housing Authority, in this innovative plan to serve the at-risk Veteran population in Brighton and the greater Boston area”, said Bruce Buckley, CEO of Soldier On. “Soldier On has been privileged to serve the Veteran community in addressing, not only the housing needs of at-risk Veterans, but providing a comprehensive service model to address each Veterans needs necessary to create a stable, hopeful future. Soldier On will continue its tradition of providing long term, effective solutions along with Brighton Marine and Boston Housing Authority.”

About Brighton Marine:

A vital social service presence since 1940, Brighton Marine’s mission is steeped in the battlefield creed now being used at home – not leaving anyone behind. With a goal of serving as a one-stop network hub for resources for veterans and their families, Brighton Marine hosts 10 organizations that provide medical care and health services for military, veterans and non-military personnel. Along with helping veterans and their families find housing, Brighton Marine serves as the coordination center for electronic referrals from software that connects veteran service providers to coordinated care virtually, tracks outcomes, improves access, increases collaboration, and enables communities to provide more comprehensive levels of service. Lastly, Brighton Marine is heavily invested in the community – providing support to local high school students, partnering with other local veteran-based organizations, the Red Cross and Toys for Tots, and funding beautification projects in Brighton.

About Soldier On:

Since1994, Soldier On has been committed to ending Veteran homelessness. SoldierOn’s mission is to help Veterans reclaim their place in the community while returning meaning, dignity, and hope to their lives. Soldier On offers a continuum of ongoing care to Veterans and their families that includes immediate and long-term housing with an array of support services delivered where they live. The ultimate goal is to provide formerly homeless Veterans with permanent, supportive, sustainable housing. In 2010, Soldier On opened its first permanent housing cooperative, transitioning Veterans from homelessness to homeownership. This housing model is being replicated nationally as SoldierOn continues to change the end of the story for homeless Veterans throughout the country. For more information about Soldier On, visit their website