The move to create a “synergy in service” for the area’s veterans and their families will take another significant step next week when the Massachusetts Military Heroes Fund gets a new address. Starting November 11th (placeholder date), MMHF will move onto the campus of Brighton Marine, an expanding hub of resources for Veterans that aims to be the one-stop network hub for veterans in the Greater Boston Area.

“We are ecstatic that Massachusetts Military Heroes Fund has chosen to reside on our campus,” says Michael Dwyer, former Executive Director of Brighton Marine. “It is a wonderful organization that provides a direct and positive impact to family members of our fallen heroes. This is exactly the type of organization we are looking for as we create a hub of services for military, veterans and their families. Not only will having a hub of services make it easier for those looking for services, veteran service organizations will thrive in a co-working environment.  Additionally, this collaborative community with close proximity to our planned veteran-preference, affordable housing units will create a one-of-a-kind setting for families of transitioning service members and veterans.”

The Massachusetts Military Heroes Fund is dedicated to providing support to the families of military personnel with Massachusetts ties who have died as a result of post 9/11 active duty service. Brighton Marine also helps military families and veterans themselves by providing access to services such as: vet-to-vet and family counseling, job training, employment, healthcare, counseling, financial assistance and affordable housing. 

“We are really looking forward to moving our offices to Brighton Marine” says Diane Nealon, Executive Director of Massachusetts Military Heroes Fund. “As a small non-profit, we rely heavily upon our community to fulfill our mission to remember and honor the fallen by caring for their loved ones.  Having access to the resources of Brighton Marine and its partners will enhance our work greatly, and allow us to better support bereaved military families. The collaborative, caring environment for veterans and military families being developed at Brighton Marine is visionary and we are grateful to be a part of it.”

Brighton Marine recently teamed up with MMHF for the 9/11 Service Project and looks forward to many more collaborations.

Brighton Marine’s partnership with MMHF comes on the heels of its alliance with Unite US, which will help create the first fully integrated network of coordinated care of its kind in the Greater Boston Area. The move dovetails with Brighton Marine’s goal of being a one-stop network hub for veteran serves, a lofty yet critical goal. There are a multitude of programs and initiatives for Veterans but no central system of helping a Veteran find the resources he or she needs. Brighton Marine plans to be that system and hopes MMHF is the first of many organizations to extend the co-working concept into the veteran services space.

About Brighton Marine:

Since 1940, veterans and their families have been receiving services at Brighton Marine.  Brighton Marine’s US Family Health Plan is the number one rated quality health plan for active duty families and retired military beneficiaries. Brighton Marine assists homeless veterans to find housing through an endowment fund that provides funding for costs such as security deposits, first and last month’s rent, outstanding utility bills, and moving expenses. Additionally, the organization will soon break ground on more than 100 units of affordable housing for veterans and their families. Lastly, Brighton Marine is heavily invested in the community – providing scholarships for local high school students, partnering with other local veteran-based organizations, helping with Red Cross and Toys for Tots initiatives, and providing funding for streetscape beautification projects in Brighton.

About Massachusetts Military Heroes Fund:
Massachusetts Military Heroes Fund, a private, 501(c)(3) organization, has been caring for local, post 9/11/2001 bereaved military families since 2009. Massachusetts Military Heroes Fund (MMHF) provides grants directly to bereaved military families for funeral costs not covered by the military, for basic needs expenses, and for family enrichment activities. MMHF also coordinates mental health and other social service referrals as needed by families of the fallen, and is a strong advocate in creating new services and partnerships when gaps occur in military support networks. In addition, Massachusetts Military Heroes Fund has been a proud leader in establishing community building events designed to remember and honor the fallen, including its internationally recognized Memorial Day Flag Garden on Boston Common.