Money will help high need veterans with video services and access to internet at Brighton Marine’s partnership in supportive permanent housing

Boston, MA (January 17, 2018): Brighton Marine, a veteran network community, has received a Comcast Corporate Investment of $10,000 to support veteran services as part of wrap-around services linked to a supportive permanent housing project on the Brighton Marine campus. The funding will be used to purchase hardware for individual veteran housing units allowing high need veterans access to video dissemination of social services, training, and connection to the internet. 

The project, in partnership with Soldier On, an experienced provider of permanent, supportive and sustainable housing, provides 25 modern units in a transit-oriented location for qualifying veterans.

“Brighton Marine views this gracious gift to veterans by Comcast as an example of community partners working together to improve the lives of our area veterans and families,” said Bob Notch, former program development office for Brighton and a retired colonel with the U.S. Army. “Having access to internet and cable TV is something most of us take for granted, yet for some, it’s out of reach. This gift will make life for our veterans a little easier and more enjoyable.”

The social and video services that will accompany the 25 units of permanent housing for high-need veterans are the result of a partnership with Soldier On and the Veterans Administration.  The video conferencing capability in each unit – also referred to as connected care or telehealth – will allow private and group counseling as well as training between Soldier On staff and the veteran residents.  This innovative approach to veteran social support will augment in-person support and allow veterans access to services in a comfortable environment.  An added benefit is to help these veterans become computer literate and internet savvy.

“Working with the military community is one of Comcast’s core values,” said Rebecca Fracassa, Director of Community Impact for Comcast in the Greater Boston Region. “Internet access at home opens the door to a world of knowledge and opportunities.”

“This program is one element of a larger effort by Brighton Marine to create A Veteran Network Community,” said Notch. “It’s a perfect example of how it’s supposed to work – entities with expertise coming together and sharing resources. Because of the network, veterans are in a much better place.”

About Brighton Marine:

A vital social service presence since 1940, Brighton Marine’s mission is steeped in the battlefield creed now being used at home – not leaving anyone behind. With a goal of serving as a one-stop network hub for resources for veterans and their families, Brighton Marine hosts 10 organizations that provide medical care and health services for military, veterans and non-military personnel. Along with helping veterans and their families find housing, Brighton Marine serves as the coordination center for electronic referrals from software that connects veteran service providers to coordinate care virtually, track outcomes, improve access, increase collaboration, and enables communities to provide more comprehensive levels of service. Lastly, Brighton Marine is heavily invested in the community – providing support to local high school students, partnering with other local veteran-based organizations, the Red Cross and Toys for Tots, and funding beautification projects in Brighton.